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About Chris White

Chris White is a 40-something guy raised outside of Philadelphia by excellent parents. He has two brothers who are also excellent. Chris has lived in the nation's capital for two decades. Since finishing college at the Universty of Richmond, he has ...

  • Worked as a line editor and fact-checker for Washington Post columnists.
  • Traveled the country as professional stand-up comedian. He was on "Last Comic Standing" for 90 seconds and everyone from high school saw it.
  • Produced a text book profiling the entire U.S. Congress, interviewing more than 100 sitting members in the process.
  • Visited almost every presidential birthplace, home and grave.
  • Served as the marketing director for the DC Improv, one of the country's most respected comedy clubs.
  • Spent time with the famous swimming pigs of Exuma.
  • Married an amazing woman named Allyson Jaffe, who is far more impressive than he is.

All told, it has been a very good life. This website offers a sampling of Chris' various projects. If you have any questions or concerns, please send a note to chris@dcstandup.com.