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Profound Questions: Overview

Back in 2009, McSweeneys.net started a competition searching for "columnists." I was among the first batch of winners. "Chris White Answers Profound Questions About the Presidents" ran for a year, with a few additional installments added afterwards. Here's everything they published.

Is it OK to Dunk on the President?

Should the President Grow a Beard?

Was Thomas Jefferson a Jerk?

Can We Use a Man Like Herbert Hoover Again?

What Should I Get the President for Christmas?

What Did the Founding Fathers Smell Like?

Who Would Win in a Fight?

What's Up With Log Cabins?

Who Should I Have a Beer With?

Can I Be President?

Does Sexy Matter?

How Close Can I Get?

How Awful was James Buchanan?

Was James Buchanan gay?

Can the President Take a Week Off?

Why Care?

Seriously, 35?

When Did Things Get So Mean?

How Do I Make a President?

Should the President Make Me Laugh?

Can the President Be Fat?

How Should We Like Ike?

Presidential Sites

Get your learn on. Notes on all the presidential homes, birthplaces, graves and other things that I've visited. Organized by president, with photo illustrations when available.

Profound Questions About the Presidents

In 2009 the famous humor / publishing site McSweeney's had a contest searching for "columnists." I was among the first set of winners, and I contributed a bunch of pieces that tried to answer questions about the presidents.

Headliner of State

Who is the funniest president of all time? That inspired a 2016-17 podcast series, produced by the DC Improv with the assistance of narrator Jared Stern. Each episode brings in an expert to discuss the personality and humor of a different president, as well as how comedy works at the presidential level.