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Nerdcations: Overview

Perfectly sane itineraries for the passionate traveler, who happens to have all the exact same interests and travel habits as me. What could be better?

Nerdcation 2011: KY + IN + IL + MO

The first ever nerdcation covered four states in four days, starting in Louisville and ending in St. Louis, all via automobile. This trip features a TON of Abraham Lincoln sites, plus some classic Americana (the Gateway Arch) and a St. Louis Cardinals game. Gettin' after it.

Nerdcation 2013: PA + OH + KY + TN

Can sequels be better than the original? If we're going purely on volume, absolutely. Driving 2,000 miles in four days, this hits up a ton of Ohio presidential sites, then dips down into Kentucky to catch up with almost-president Henry Clay (and some minor-league baseball). The grand finale is one of the finest presidential homes, in Tennessee.

Nerdcation 2014: NB + IA + IL + WI

A friend decided to get married in 2014, and per the usual custom he decided to have a bachelor party. Per a very unusual custom, he wanted to have it in Milwaukee. The map told me that if I stretched the definition of "reasonable," I could see a lot of things, very quickly. Nerdcation 2014 was the result. Starting in Omaha, I traveled through Iowa (Des Moines, West Branch and Cedar Rapids), Illinois (Galena, Tampico and Dixon) and Wisconsin (Beloit and Milwaukee).

Nerdcation 2017: NY + VT + QC

Coming soon: A trip through New York and Vermont, heading to Montreal.

Nerdcation 2017: TX

Coming soon: A whirlwind tour of the Lone Star State, with my brother.

Nerdcation 2018: PA

Coming soon: The Johnstown Flood, some Frank Lloyd Wright and Pittsburgh.

Nerdcation 2019: NH + ME + NB

Coming soon: A tour to the end of New England, with a quick stop in Canada.